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Heating elements

Satec Heating Solutions is the leading and largest company in Israel to design and manufacture heating elements by demand (ISO 9001 – 2000 approved). The company's experience of manufacturing heating elements and special electronic equipment from our factory allows us to professionally answer our clients personal needs.

  • Heating elements for packaging machines.
  • Electronic equipment (Ovens, Samovars, Toasters and more).
  • Heating elements for cooling and air conditioning.
  • Flexible heating elements (Silicon) for barrels and surfaces.
  • Large heating elements to increase cooling.
  • "Fingers" heating elements. Heating elements with special quartz with spiral wires.
  • Heating elements for highly corrosive environments in different PH levels (Titanium, Teflon, 316 and more).
חימום ישיר של נוזלים

Direct Heating

Heats the liquid by natural movement (Static liquids) by direct contact with the liquid. Manufacturing direct heating elements by sketch or examples for our clients. 

חימום עקיף של נוזלים

Indirect Heating

The liquid heats through walls, tubes or sleeves. The heat source is not in direct contact with the liquid. We make all kinds of indirect heating elements from sketch or example for our clients.

Air heating in close spaces

Heating air in rooms (Workshops, wearhouses, etc) or in any other closed space can be done by directing or forcing air. Heating air for as a shield from cold, denying condensation, industrial drying, cooking applications and more. We make all kinds of heating elements for our clients from sketch or from example.

Custom made heating elements

We make all kinds of heating elements for our clients directly from sketch or example.

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