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Satec Heating Solutions 1991 LTD has decades of planning, marketing and manufacturing heating and control products.

From it's first day, Satec has grown steadily while adopting and creating new technologies and products to deal with the industries changing demands. As of today, Satec is the only company in Israel who is able to grant solutions from the planning to the manufacturing stages to almost every heating or control need. We do this by either import or create the needed products.

The company has a wide distribution network that includes agents stationed throughout Israel from the south to the north able to respond quickly to any call and provide solutions to any problem.

Satec is able to produce in large commercial quantities and also make single products custom-made to our client's needs.

Satec solution is also an official provider for Israel's office of security number 83303849.

All of our products are reviewed by the Israeli institute of standards and qualify for worldwide standards (ISO-9001).

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