Ordering / Delivery in our website

Can you deliver any kind of goods?

No, ceramic heaters and lamps are breakable therefore the customer should come to collect it by himself. For shipments over 2 kg. a special delivery should be coordinated in advance,

What kind of payment methods are there?

There are 2 ways of payment: by Paypal account which includes your email address and password or enter your credit card details. Your credit card details are safe by SSL file.

If I purchase the same products every time, can you save my orders in your system?

Yes you can enter into our system by a link with your user name and password and see all your orders in our system. The system save all your orders but does not save your credit card information.

How can I be sure that the part number that I ordered is identical to the part that I am looking for?

If you do not have the part number that you need you can contact our
Factory, describe the part that you need and our technical manager give you the
part number so that you can make the purchase.

I bought your product and when I received it I realized that this is not the part that I need what can I do?

If you did not open the original packaging and if you did not use the part, you can return it to our store and replace it to the correct part.

Do I get a refund for the returned part?

You can get a refund only if the part is in the original package without being used or defective

You produced a new order and after 24 hours I did not get a confirmation

You can contact us by mail or by phone and we will be glad to help you