Production by order

My heating element burnt and I need a replacement. What should I do?

Bring the heating element to one of our branches. If we have the heating element in stock you will get a replacement. If we do not have it in stock we will produce it using the sample.

I am working on a test project and I need a heating element for it but I do not know which heating elements suits me. Can you help me?

Of course. Our R&D team includes engineers, electricians, etc. who will be happy to sit with you and meet the needs of the project and the most appropriate heating element.

I am in the North and would like to send you a heating element for production. How can I send it?

You have several options: you can send the parcel by "Aviv Shigur" or with any other forwarder. You can also bring the parcel to our sales manager in your area or to one of our branches - Jerusalem or Holon.

How long it takes to produce a new heating element based on a sample?

Seven (7) working days.

When is payment made for a new order?

Payment is made before we begin production.

What kind of stainless steel products can you make?

We can make every kind of product. We have a big factory with a variety of machines and very qualified workers that can produce anything that the customer requires.