What is your address?

We have 2 stores: 1. Store – 21 Haorgim Street Holon Industrial Area
2 .Factory: 12 Pri Amal st, Atarot Industrial Area Jerusalem

Where are your sales managers located in Israel ?

Our sales manager are all over the country from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat.
To locate sales manager in your area please log on to Agents page

Are you also installing?

We do not install.
However we would like to help you by telephone with our professionals.

What kind of standards you have?

We have ISO, Standard Institution and UL for specific heating elements.
In additional we are also an authorized provider of the Ministry of Defense.

What happens if the part number that I ordered is not in stock?

If you order a part number that we are producing, we can produce it especially for you without additional charge.
If you ordered a G.E.V part we will order it for you and advise you as soon it arrives

What if I need a specific part number from G.E.V. that you do not have in stock?

We will order this part especially for you